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1.  Snowboard Attachment

SNOWBOARD ATTACHMENT (part number:08L03-E09-100B)

(Retail price: $146.00)

Part#: 08L03-E09-100B

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2.  First Aid Kit

FIRST AID KIT (part number:08865-FAK-100)

(Retail price: $30.00)

Part#: 08865-FAK-100

3.  Player Attachment

PLAYER ATTACHMENT (part number:08B06-SHJ-100)

(Retail price: $82.41)

Part#: 08B06-SHJ-100

4.  All Season Floor Mats, Taupe

ALL SEASON FLOOR MATS, TAUPE (part number:08P13-SHJ-130C)

(Retail price: $210.04)

Part#: 08P13-SHJ-130C

5.  Trailer Hitch ATF Cooler

TRAILER HITCH ATF COOLER (part number:06255-RGL-305)

(Retail price: $235.18)

Part#: 06255-RGL-305

6.  Trailer Hitch PSF Cooler

TRAILER HITCH PSF COOLER (part number:53765-SHJ-325)

(Retail price: $166.86)

Part#: 53765-SHJ-325

7.  Trailer Hitch Air Duct

TRAILER HITCH AIR DUCT (part number:71105-SHJ-A01)

(Retail price: $30.38)

Part#: 71105-SHJ-A01

8.  Trim Dark Wood

TRIM  DARK WOOD (part number:08Z03-SHJ-120C)

(Retail price: $223.00)

Part#: 08Z03-SHJ-120C

9.  Fog Lights

FOG LIGHTS (part number:08V31-SHJ-100A)

(Retail price: $312.56)

Part#: 08V31-SHJ-100A

10.  Ashtray Cup Holder Type

ASHTRAY  CUP HOLDER TYPE (part number:08U25-S5D-106)

(Retail price: $22.00)

Part#: 08U25-S5D-106

11.  Cargo Board

CARGO BOARD (part number:varies by color - click

(Retail price: $304.00)

varies by color - click 'more details'

12.  Trim Wood

TRIM  WOOD (part number:08Z03-SHJ-110C)

(Retail price: $223.00)

Part#: 08Z03-SHJ-110C

13.  3rd Row Sunshade

3RD ROW SUNSHADE (part number:08R12-SHJ-101)

(Retail price: $220.10)

Part#: 08R12-SHJ-101

14.  Door Visors

DOOR VISORS (part number:08R04-SHJ-100A)

(Retail price: $168.85)

Part#: 08R04-SHJ-100A

15.  Fenderwell Garnish, Thin

FENDERWELL GARNISH, THIN (part number:08P21-SHJ-100)

(Retail price: $101.50)

Part#: 08P21-SHJ-100

16.  Y Adapter Harness

Y ADAPTER HARNESS (part number:08A31-0F1-000)

(Retail price: $16.00)

Part#: 08A31-0F1-000

17.  Cassette Player

CASSETTE PLAYER (part number:08A03-5E1-001)

(Retail price: $203.01)

Part#: 08A03-5E1-001

18.  Tent

TENT (part number:08Z04-SCV-100B)

(Retail price: $382.00)

Part#: 08Z04-SCV-100B

19.  Wheel Locks

WHEEL LOCKS (part number:08W42-SHJ-101A)

(Retail price: $87.00)

Part#: 08W42-SHJ-101A

20.  Back-Up Sensors

BACK-UP SENSORS (part number:varies by color - click

(Retail price: $255.28)

varies by color - click 'more details'

21.  Back-Up Sensor Attachment

BACK-UP SENSOR ATTACHMENT (part number:08V67-SHJ-101C)

(Retail price: $255.28)

Part#: 08V67-SHJ-101C

22.  Auto Day/Night Mirror Attachment


(Retail price: $59.30)

Part#: 08V03-SHJ-101

23.  Auto Day/Night Mirror

AUTO DAY/NIGHT MIRROR (part number:08V03-S9A-100B)

(Retail price: $235.17)

Part#: 08V03-S9A-100B

24.  Cargo Tray

CARGO TRAY (part number:08U45-SHJ-100)

(Retail price: $117.59)

Part#: 08U45-SHJ-100

25.  Engine Blocker Heater

ENGINE BLOCKER HEATER (part number:08T44-SNA-101)

(Retail price: $80.00)

Part#: 08T44-SNA-101

26.  Air Deflector

AIR DEFLECTOR (part number:08P47-SHJ-100A)

(Retail price: $210.04)

Part#: 08P47-SHJ-100A

27.  Full Nose Mask

FULL NOSE MASK (part number:08P35-SHJ-100A)

(Retail price: $210.00)

Part#: 08P35-SHJ-100A

28.  3rd Row Seat Covers

3RD ROW SEAT COVERS (part number:08P93-SHJ-110A)

(Retail price: $204.02)

Part#: 08P93-SHJ-110A

29.  2nd Row Seat Covers

2ND ROW SEAT COVERS (part number:08P93-SHJ-110)

(Retail price: $265.32)

Part#: 08P93-SHJ-110

30.  Fenderwell Garnish, Thick

FENDERWELL GARNISH, THICK (part number:08P21-SHJ-100A)

(Retail price: $162.00)

Part#: 08P21-SHJ-100A

31.  Door Edge Guards

DOOR EDGE GUARDS (part number:varies by color - click

(Retail price: $55.28)

varies by color - click 'more details'

32.  All Season Floor Mats, Black

ALL SEASON FLOOR MATS, BLACK (part number:08P13-SHJ-110C)

(Retail price: $210.04)

Part#: 08P13-SHJ-110C

33.  Cargo Mat

CARGO MAT (part number:08P11-SHJ-100A)

(Retail price: $107.53)

Part#: 08P11-SHJ-100A

34.  Bumper Corner Protectors

BUMPER CORNER PROTECTORS (part number:varies by color - click

(Retail price: $176.00)

varies by color - click 'more details'

35.  Splash Guards

SPLASH GUARDS (part number:08P00-SHJ-101)

(Retail price: $107.54)

Part#: 08P00-SHJ-101

36.  Cargo Net

CARGO NET (part number:08L96-SHJ-100)

(Retail price: $66.33)

Part#: 08L96-SHJ-100

37.  Hitch Ball, 2"

HITCH BALL, 2" (part number:08L92-SCV-100B)

(Retail price: $15.00)

Part#: 08L92-SCV-100B

38.  Hitch Ball, 1 7/8"

HITCH BALL, 1 7/8" (part number:08L92-SCV-100A)

(Retail price: $15.00)

Part#: 08L92-SCV-100A

39.  Trailer Hitch

TRAILER HITCH (part number:08L92-SHJ-100)

(Retail price: $306.53)

Part#: 08L92-SHJ-100

40.  Trailer Hitch Harness

TRAILER HITCH HARNESS (part number:08L91-SHJ-100A)

(Retail price: $162.82)

Part#: 08L91-SHJ-100A

41.  Mid-Size Roof Box

MID-SIZE ROOF BOX (part number:08L20-TA1-100A)

(Retail price: $615.00)

Part#: 08L20-TA1-100A

42.  Short Roof Box

SHORT ROOF BOX (part number:08L20-TA1-100)

(Retail price: $498.00)

Part#: 08L20-TA1-100

43.  Kayak Attachment

KAYAK ATTACHMENT (part number:08L09-TA1-100)

(Retail price: $175.00)

Part#: 08L09-TA1-100

44.  Bike Attachment

BIKE ATTACHMENT (part number:08L07-E09-100)

(Retail price: $188.00)

Part#: 08L07-E09-100

45.  Surfboard Attachment

SURFBOARD ATTACHMENT (part number:08L05-TA1-100)

(Retail price: $79.00)

Part#: 08L05-TA1-100

46.  Ski Attachment

SKI ATTACHMENT (part number:08L03-E09-100)

(Retail price: $140.00)

Part#: 08L03-E09-100

47.  Cross Bars

CROSS BARS (part number:08L04-SHJ-101)

(Retail price: $210.05)

Part#: 08L04-SHJ-101

48.  XM Satellite Radio Attachment


(Retail price: $77.39)

Part#: 08B15-SHJ-100A

49.  XM Satellite Radio Antenna

XM SATELLITE RADIO ANTENNA (part number:08A15-0J1-100)

(Retail price: $45.00)

Part#: 08A15-0J1-100

50.  XM® Radio*

XM® RADIO* (part number:08A15-3J1-001)

(Retail price: $175.00)

Part#: 08A15-3J1-001