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  1. Car Cover
    • The Acura RL car cover is specifically designed to help reduce exposure to the weather
    • Constructed of durable Evolution 4 fabric, which is weather-resistant and breathable, to help protect paint from the environment and prevent moisture from condensing underneath
    • Custom RL fit, including mirror pockets, prevents chafing in wind
    • Soft, nonabrasive liner helps guard against scratching of clear-coat finish
    • Acura logo creates a custom look
    • Security cable and lock helps protect against theft
    • Handy storage bag to stow away cover
    • Washable with mild detergent for easy upkeep

Disclaimer: If any items required for installation are not purchased or already on your vehicle, it may necessitate these items to be purchased separately at the time of installation.
2003 3.5RL CAR COVER 2003 Acura 3.5RL CAR COVER
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