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1987 LEGEND LS 4 DOOR 5MT CONTROL BOX COVER (86-87) diagram
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stay, control box connectorcover (upper)label, control boxclamp, coverspacer, mounting rubberspacer, mounting rubberspacer, mounting rubberstay, control boxbasebase, subbracket, regulatorstay, air filterscrew, tapping (4x25)spacer, mounting rubbercap, drainrubber, mountingscrew-washer (5x8)screw-washer (5x8)screw-washer (5x8)screw-washer (5x8)screw-washer (5x8)screw-washer (5x8)screw-washer (5x8)screw-washer (5x8)screw-washer (5x8)screw-washer (5x8)screw-washer (5x8)screw-washer (5x8)screw-washer (5x8)bolt-washer (6x12)bolt-washer (6x16)screw-washer (4x8)screw-washer (5x10)screw, tapping (4x8)
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