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outlet, r. rr. fender airoutlet, l. rr. fender airprotector, r. rr. arch panelprotector, l. rr. arch panelmolding assy., r. fr. doorclip, molding amolding, r. fr. door cornercap, r. fr. moldingmolding assy., l. fr. doormolding, l. fr. door cornernut, side protectornut, side protectorcap, l. fr. moldingprotector assy., r. sideprotector, r. fr. doorprotector, r. rr. doorprotector, r. rr. fenderprotector assy., l. sideprotector, l. fr. fenderprotector, l. fr. doorprotector, l. rr. doorprotector, l. rr. fendergarnish, r. fr. door centergarnish, l. fr. door centermolding assy., r. fr. door sashmolding assy., l. fr. door sashmolding assy., r. rr. doormolding, r. rr. door cornercap, r. rr. moldingmolding assy., l. rr. doormolding, l. rr. door cornercap, l. rr. moldinggarnish, r. rr. door centergarnish, l. rr. door centermolding assy., r. rr. door sashmolding assy., l. rr. door sashprotector, rr. wheel archprotector, rr. wheel archprotector, rr. wheel archprotector, rr. wheel archscrew-washer (4x6)screw, tapping (4x14)screw, tapping (4x14)clip c, r. moldingclip c, l. moldingclip d, r. moldingclip d, l. moldinggrommet, center pillar garnishclip, center pillarclip, molding sashclip, molding sashclip, door molding endclip, door molding endgrommet, screw (5mm)clip, center pillarscrew, tapping (3x10)
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