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1996 TL BAS2.5 4 DOOR 4AT P.S. GEAR BOX diagram
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end set, racktube, air transferclip, tie rodclip, tie rodcushion b, gear boxcushion b, gear boxbracket b, gear boxband b, bellowsband b, bellowsdust seal, tie rod (b)dust seal, tie rodwasher, tie rod lockend, r. tie rod (musashi)boot, tie rod end (musashi)end, l. tie rod (musashi)p/s rack, core id (sw5-a0) (rmd)(american showa)rack assy., power steeringbush, steering gear box mountingbush, steering gear box mountingcollar, gear box mountingclip, sensor pipeclip z, power steering pipeclip z, power steering pipebolt, special (10x50)nut, castle (12mm)washer, gear box mountingcirclip, tie rodbolt-washer (10x20)nut, hex. (14mm)pin, split (3.0x22)clip, tube (b7)clip, tube (b7)
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