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1997 TL BAS3.2 4 DOOR 4AT BATTERY (V6) diagram
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battery assy. (25/440amp)plate, battery settingbolt, battery setting (220mm)box assy., batteryplug, vent (mf) (furukawa)holder, corrugated (13mm) (dark green)holder, corrugated (13mm) (dark green)band, harness offset (30) (122.5mm) (yellow)cable assy., startercover, battery terminalcable assy., groundbolt, battery terminalbolt, battery terminalnut, battery terminalnut, battery terminalbolt (6x15)bolt, ground (6x16)clip, harness band (151.5mm) (natural)bolt-washer (10x25)nut, flange (6mm)nut-washer (8mm)
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