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1997 TL BAS3.2 4 DOOR 4AT FRONT BRAKE (V6) diagram
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caliper set, fr.caliper set, fr.screw, bleederscrew, bleedercap, bleeder screwcap, bleeder screwbearing assy., fr. hub (koyo seiko)bearing assy., fr. hub (koyo seiko)hub assy., fr.hub assy., fr.caliper sub-assy., r. fr. (rmd)caliper sub-assy., r. fr. (rmd)caliper sub-assy., r. fr.caliper sub-assy., r. fr.caliper sub-assy., l. fr. (rmd)caliper sub-assy., l. fr. (rmd)caliper sub-assy., l. fr. (rmd)caliper sub-assy., l. fr. (rmd)caliper sub-assy., l. fr.caliper sub-assy., l. fr.pad set, fr.pad set, fr.pistonpistonshim a (inner)shim a (inner)shim a (inner)shim a (inner)shim b (inner)shim b (inner)shim b (inner)shim b (inner)spring, padspring, padshim, pad (outer)shim, pad (outer)shim, pad (outer)shim, pad (outer)pin apin aretainerretainerretainerretainerbolt, flange (10x24)bolt, flange (10x24)bolt, flange (10x24)bolt, flange (10x24)disk, fr. brakedisk, fr. brakesplash guard, r. fr.splash guard, r. fr.splash guard, l. fr.splash guard, l. bpin bbolt, caliper mountingbolt, caliper mountingbolt, wheel (rocknel fastener)bolt, wheel (rocknel fastener)circlip, special (inner) (89mm)circlip, special (inner) (89mm)screw, flat (6x14)screw, flat (6x14)screw-washer (6x14)screw-washer (6x14)
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