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1997 TL BAS3.2 4 DOOR 4AT EXHAUST MANIFOLD (V6) diagram
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manifold assy., r. ex.manifold assy., l. ex.gasket, ex. manifold (nippon leakless)gasket, ex. manifold (nippon leakless)cover, r. ex. manifoldcover, l. ex. manifoldcover b, l. ex. manifoldsensor, l. oxygensensor, r. oxygenclamp, oxygen sensorclamp, oxygen sensorbolt-washer (8x14)bolt-washer (8x14)bolt, stud (10x34.5)bolt, stud (10x34.5)nut, self-lock (8mm)nut, self-lock (8mm)bolt, flange (6x12)bolt, flange (6x12)bolt, socket (10x16)
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