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1998 CL BAS2.3 2 DOOR 5MT DOOR LOCK diagram
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switch assy., auto door lockcase set, r. inside handle *nh1l*handle set, r. (outer) *nh592p*handle set, r. (outer) *rp27m*handle set, r. (outer) *r96p*handle set, r. (outer) *bg40p*handle set, r. (outer) *bg41p*handle set, r. (outer) *nh578*case set, l. inside handle *nh1l*handle set, l. (outer) *nh592p*handle set, l. (outer) *rp27m*handle set, l. (outer) *r96p*handle set, l. (outer) *bg40p*handle set, l. (outer) *bg41p*handle set, l. (outer) *nh578*lock assy., r. fr. door powersnap (brown)snap (black)seat, r. handle (outer)actuator assy., r. fr. door locksnap d (violet)snap d (violet)snap (orange)snap (orange)protector, r. door lockstopper a, handle (outer)handle assy., r. inside *nh1l*ring, handle (outer)cap, case *nh1l*protector, r. door cylinderrod, r. inside handlerod, r. lock knobbush, handle joint (outer)snap, r. (violet)snap, l. (yellow)clamp b, cordstriker assy., door lockholder, rod (4mm)holder, rod (4mm)protector, r. door rodswitch assy., r. cylinderhook, handle (outer)cap, handle (outer)cylinder, r. doorcylinder, l. doorlock assy., l. fr. door powerseat, l. handle (outer)actuator assy., l. door lockprotector, l. door lockhandle assy., l. inside *nh1l*protector, l. door cylinderrod, l. inside handlerod, l. lock knobsnap, r. (violet)snap, l. (yellow)protector, l. door rodswitch assy., l. cylinderjointcushion, lock rod (35mmx58mm)holder, door lock rodscrew (3x10)screw, tapping (4x8)bolt, lock strikerscrew, tapping (3x12)nut, pushgrommet, screw (5mm)grommet, screw (4mm) (yellow)clip, harness band (145.2mm) (natural)clip, harness band (145.2mm) (natural)band, wire harness (110mm) (brown)bolt-washer (6x12)screw, flat (6x28)screw, tapping (3x8)screw, tapping (3x12)screw, tapping (4x10)screw, tapping (5x16)
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