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2000 INTEGRA LS 3 DOOR 4AT AT SERVO BODY (2) diagram
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pipe, third clutchpipe, third clutchpipe (8x62)shaft, shift forkbody, servopiston, low accumulatorspring, low accumulatorcover, third sub-accumulatorpiston, second accumulatorpiston, third accumulatorspring b, top accumulatorpiston, top accumulatorspring a, top accumulatorpiston, third sub-accumulatorpiston, second shortspring a, second accumulatorspring a, third accumulatorspring b, second accumulatorspring b, third accumulatorspring, third sub-accumulatorspring c, second accumulatorcirclip (inner) (31mm)circlip (inner) (36mm)circlip (inner) (16)o-ring (26.9x2.4) (nok)o-ring (18.3x2.4) (nok)o-ring (18.3x2.4) (nok)o-ring (28.3x2.4) (nok)o-ring (24.4x2.4) (nok)o-ring (21.2x2.4) (arai)o-ring (20.2x2.4) (nok)o-ring (20.2x2.4) (nok)o-ring (29x2.4) (nok)o-ring (31x2.7) (arai)pin, dowel (8x40)circlip (inner) (26mm)circlip (inner) (35mm)bolt, flange (6x45)bolt, flange (6x85)bolt, flange (6x85)bolt, flange (6x85)bolt, flange (6x130)bolt, flange (6x140)bolt, flange (6x140)
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