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2001 NSX-T 2 DOOR 6MT DOOR LOCKS diagram
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lock assy., r. power doorrod, lock knobanti-switch assy., r.protector, r. door locksnapcable, inside handleknob, inside door lock *nh1l*knob, inside door lock *yr247l*holderstriker assy., doorlock assy., l. power dooranti-switch assy., l.protector, l. door lockcrank assy., r. rr. door lockcrank assy., l. rr. door lockbolt, lock strikerbolt-washer (6x40) (socket)clip, connector (red)clip, connector (red)clip, hood wireclip, hood wireclip, wire harnessclip, wire harness (50mm) (natural)screw, tapping (5x12)spring set, lock keycylinder, r. doorcylinder, l. door
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