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2003 TL TYPE-S 4 DOOR 5AT REAR SEAT diagram
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c-clip set, trim fastener (30 pieces)cylinder, glove boxclip, rr. seat pincover, rr. seat-back trim *nh167l* (lea)cover, rr. seat-back trim *yr169l* (lea)pad & frame, rr. seat-backguide, webbing *nh167l*guide, webbing *yr169l*collar acollar ccover, rr. seat cushion trim *nh167l* (lea)cover, rr. seat cushion trim *yr169l* (lea)pad & frame, rr. seat cushionlid assy.armrest assy., center *nh167l*(lea)armrest assy., center *yr169l*(lea)lid assy., rr. armrest *nh120l*cup holder, rr. armrest *yr169l*cup holder, rr. armrest *nh167l*damperdamperbolt-washer (6x20)bolt, flange (6x16)screw, tapping (5x16)insulator, r. rr. bulkhead coverinsulator, l. rr. bulkhead cover
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