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2005 TSX 4 DOOR 6MT MT MAINSHAFT diagram
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mainshaftshaft, reverse geargear set, mainshaft thirdgear, mainshaft fourthgear, reverse idlewasher, thrust (20x36x2)gear, mainshaft fifthgear, mainshaft sixthgear, mainshaft sixthcollar, distance (32x39x52)collar, distance (28x35x24)washer, spring (28mm)washer (28mm)washer, drain plug (10mm)bearing, ball (28x72x18)bearing, needle (39x44x24)bearing, needle (39x44x24)bearing, needle (39x44x24)bearing, needle (35x40x24)bolt, flange (10x50)sleeve set, synchronizer (5-6)gear set, mainshaft sixth
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