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2012 RL-H 4 DOOR 6AT AT COUNTERSHAFT (6AT) diagram
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countershaftgear assy., countershaft lowgear, parkinggear, countershaft secondgear, countershaft secondgear, reverse idlegear, countershaft fifthbolt, special (20x25) (left hand thread)bolt, special (8x35)washer (42.5x52.5) (x2.5)collar (42.5x47.5x66.5)shim a (42.5mm) (1.82)shim b (42.5mm) (1.86)shim c (42.5mm) (1.90)shim d (42.5mm) (1.94)shim e (42.5mm) (1.98)shim f (42.5mm) (2.02)shim g (42.5mm) (2.06)shim h (42.5mm) (2.10)shim i (42.5mm) (2.14)shim j (42.5mm) (2.18)shim k (42.5mm) (2.22)shim l (42.5mm) (2.26)ring, snap (78mm)bearing, ball (30x78x31/25)bearing, needle (53x57x20)
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