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2013 TL ADV 4 DOOR 6AT SMART UNIT diagram
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control unit assy., power (service)slot unit assy., fobbracket, fob slotslot unit assy., smart fobmain unit, smartbracket, smart main unitbracket, smart main unitrf unit, fr. smartantenna assy., lfantenna assy., lfantenna assy., exterior lf (shelf)antenna assy., exterior lf (rear seat)fob assy., entry key (driver 1)fob assy., entry key (driver 2)battery (cr2032)fob assy., entry key top shelllower shell (driver 1)lower shell (driver 2)bolt, ground (6x16) (washer 12.5mm) (zn)bolt, ground (6x16) (washer 12.5mm) (zn)nut, paint cutting (6mm)bolt-washer (6x12)bolt-washer (6x20)bolt-washer (6x20)bolt-washer (6x20)bolt-washer (6x20)screw, tapping (4x16) (po)screw, tapping (4x16) (po)screw, tapping (4x16) (po)screw, tapping (4x16) (po)bolt, flange (6x16)cap, moldkey, emergency (blank)
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