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2013 ZDX 5 DOOR 6AT RADIATOR diagram
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radiator (denso)bolt, drain (denso)gasket, drain (denso)seal (lower)shroudfan, coolingmotor, cooling fancap, radiator (denso)label, radiator capcover, radiator cap (denso)clip, harnesssensor assy., water temperature (denso)sub-wire, tw sensorfan, coolingsub shroudmotor, cooling fancover, fan motorscrew-washer (4x11)screw-washer (4x11)screw-washer (4x11)bolt-washer (6x16) (denso)bolt-washer (6x16) (denso)bolt-washer (6x16) (denso)nut, hex. (5mm) (denso)nut, hex. (5mm) (denso)o-ring (denso)clip b, harness band (129.4mm)(dark brown)clip, harness band (150mm) (violet)
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