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2013 ZDX 5 DOOR 6AT FRONT SEAT (R.) diagram
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cover, r. reclining lap (outer) *nh690l*cover, r. inner-reclining (outer) *nh690l*cover, r. reclining (outer) *nh690l*cover, r. inner-reclining (inner) *nh690l*cover, r. reclining (inner) *nh690l*wire a, r. fr. seat-back airbagwire b, r. fr. seat-back airbagclipscrew, tapping (5x10)screw, tapping (5x10)screw, tapping (5x10)screw, tapping (5x10)nut-washer (6mm)clip, garnishclip, back cover (natural)pad, r. fr. seat-backpad, r. fr. seat cushionband, wire
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