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1.  Bike Attachment Hardware Kit

BIKE ATTACHMENT HARDWARE KIT (part number:08L07-S0X-100)

(Retail price: $14.99)

Part#: 08L07-S0X-100

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2.  Bike Attachment

BIKE ATTACHMENT (part number:08L07-E09-100)

(Retail price: $188.00)

Part#: 08L07-E09-100

3.  Wood-Grain Trim Kit-Rear Cabin

WOOD-GRAIN TRIM KIT-REAR CABIN (part number:08Z03-S0X-100B)

(Retail price: $129.00)

Part#: 08Z03-S0X-100B

4.  Wood-Grain Trim Kit-Front Cabin

WOOD-GRAIN TRIM KIT-FRONT CABIN (part number:08Z03-S0X-100A)

(Retail price: $159.00)

Part#: 08Z03-S0X-100A