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1.  Wheel Locks

WHEEL LOCKS (part number:08W42-SCV-101)

(Retail price: $56.00)

Part#: 08W42-SCV-101

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2.  Vehicle Dust Cover

VEHICLE DUST COVER (part number:08P34-S2A-101)

(Retail price: $241.20)

Part#: 08P34-S2A-101

3.  Blue Soft Top

BLUE SOFT TOP (part number:08L31-S2A-130A)

(Retail price: $1,020.08)

Part#: 08L31-S2A-130A

4.  Hardtop Cover

HARDTOP COVER (part number:08P39-S2A-100)

(Retail price: $101.50)

Part#: 08P39-S2A-100

5.  Hardtop Stand

HARDTOP STAND (part number:08T11-S2A-100)

(Retail price: $614.06)

Part#: 08T11-S2A-100

6.  Wing Spoiler

WING SPOILER (part number:varies by color - click

(Retail price: $699.00)

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7.  Trunk Spoiler

TRUNK SPOILER (part number:varies by color - click

(Retail price: $489.00)

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8.  Side Strakes

SIDE STRAKES (part number:varies by color - click

(Retail price: $471.35)

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9.  Front Under Body Spoiler

FRONT UNDER BODY SPOILER (part number:varies by color - click

(Retail price: $501.50)

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10.  Engine Block Heater

ENGINE BLOCK HEATER (part number:08T44-S2A-101)

(Retail price: $66.33)

Part#: 08T44-S2A-101

11.  Titanium Shift Knob

TITANIUM SHIFT KNOB (part number:08U92-S2A-100)

(Retail price: $162.81)

Part#: 08U92-S2A-100

12.  Cargo Net

CARGO NET (part number:08L96-S2A-100)

(Retail price: $50.25)

Part#: 08L96-S2A-100

13.  Ashtray

ASHTRAY (part number:08U25-S2A-110A)

(Retail price: $31.15)

Part#: 08U25-S2A-110A

14.  Security System Attachment

SECURITY SYSTEM ATTACHMENT (part number:08E55-S2A-101)

(Retail price: $169.00)

Part#: 08E55-S2A-101

15.  Security System

SECURITY SYSTEM (part number:08E51-S84-100)

(Retail price: $286.43)

Part#: 08E51-S84-100

16.  Satellite Radio Antenna

SATELLITE RADIO ANTENNA (part number:08A53-S2A-100A)

(Retail price: $101.51)

Part#: 08A53-S2A-100A

17.  Satellite Radio Attachment

SATELLITE RADIO ATTACHMENT (part number:08B15-S2A-100)

(Retail price: $47.24)

Part#: 08B15-S2A-100

18.  CD Changer Magazine

CD CHANGER MAGAZINE (part number:08A16-5E1-200)

(Retail price: $40.21)

Part#: 08A16-5E1-200

19.  CD Changer Attachment Trunk

CD CHANGER ATTACHMENT  TRUNK (part number:08B26-S2A-100A)

(Retail price: $189.00)

Part#: 08B26-S2A-100A