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BACK-UP SENSORS (part number:)
You'll soon be zipping in and out of parking spots you may previously have passed over as too small. Help yourself in or out of a tight spot with the back-up sensors, while helping to protect your paint (and the paint on other people's cars, too). A separate back-up sensor attachment is required for installation.
  • Color-matched to your vehicle
  • Four sensors emit audible beeps into the cabin while you back up, signaling objects as you approach them. Those beeps quicken as your vehicle gets close to objects
The following accessory is required for installation but not included:
Back Up Sensor Attachment
(Retail price: $256.27)
Standard Qty.:1
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Part #: 08V67-TE0-170K (Belize Blue Pearl  - exterior)
Part #: 08V67-TA0-110K (Taffeta White  - exterior)
Part #: 08V67-TA0-130K (Alabaster Silver Metallic  - exterior)
Part #: 08V67-TL2-2B0K (Crystal Black Pearl  - exterior)
Part #: 08V67-TA0-140K (Polished Metal Metallic  - exterior)
Part #: 08V67-TE0-160K (San Marino Red  - exterior)
Disclaimer: If any items required for installation are not purchased or already on your vehicle, it may necessitate these items to be purchased separately at the time of installation.