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SECURITY SYSTEM (part number:)
It's every car owner's greatest fear: walking through the parking lot to where your car...was. With Honda's Security System, you can help stop theft before it can happen. It's the ultimate in theft deterrence, designed by Honda engineers to fully integrate your Element's sophisticated electronic and mechanical operation.
  • Detection Sensors sound the alarm if the door or rear hatch is disturbed
    – R.O.M. Anti-Scanning Code requires up to 24 years of scanning to break the Security System's code
    – Diagnostic System runs a self-check every time the alarm is armed
  • Remote Control Operation lets you lock or unlock the vehicle, and arm or disarm the Security System from up to 50 feet away. It also features a panic button so your Element can help to protect you, too. Includes two super heterodyne remotes, and up to four can be used. LED indicator shows operation and battery condition
  • Door-Ajar Warning signals if any door or the hatch isn't closed properly. The horn will gently sound three times to let you know the system isn't going to arm
  • System Status Verification confirms the system is armed by flashing the parking lights and briefly sounding the horn. The horn will sound if the lock button is pushed twice within five seconds
  • Visual and Audible Alarm makes a triggered alarm noticeable with flashing lights and loud horn blasts
    – Passive Operation. If you select it, the system is automatically armed after all doors and hatch have been properly closed
    – Disarm Switch makes life much more pleasant for valets, temporarily ceasing all passive security functions
  • Flashing LED status light is mounted on the steering column in clear view to warn that the Security System is armed
       Remote Operated Door Locks
       Glass Breakage Detector
       Battery Disconnect Protection
       System Status Verification
       Door and Tailgate Sensors
       Flashing Led Honking Horn
       Flashing Parking Lights
       Panic Functions
The following accessory is required for installation but not included:
Security System Attachment
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Part #: 08E51-EP4-101
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