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CASSETTE PLAYER (part number:)
Enjoy every minute of your music collection when you include a Cassette Player with your new Element. It offers some of the most state-of-the-art features available.
  • Automatic reverse for uninterrupted listening to both sides of the cassette
  • Pinch roller release with power-off helps protect your tapes and the cassette transport mechanism from being damaged
  • Permalloy tape head is very hard, for longer life and resistance to wear
  • Search function to skip to the next song, or the last song
  • Dolby B is featured, to reduce excess noise in your cassettes Illuminated loading guide so you don't fumble around in the dark
  • H-Bus system allows you to control all cassette functions through your main tuner
  • Applicable to LX only
Radio Tuner may appear different.
(Retail price: $203.00)
Standard Qty.:1
Part #: 08A03-5B1-050
Price without installation: $156.80
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Price with installation: $207.30
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Disclaimer: If any items required for installation are not purchased or already on your vehicle, it may necessitate these items to be purchased separately at the time of installation.