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BACK-UP SENSORS (part number:)
Help yourself in or out of a tight spot while protecting your paint
  • Color matched for your vehicle
  • Two rear and two corner sensors emit audible beeps to the driver while backing up—signaling as the car approaches
  • Rear-corner sensors give off a high-pitch "beep" while rear-center sensors create a lower-pitch "beep"
  • Both high and low beeps quicken as the car gets closer to the object
  • An included on/off switch is mounted to the interior on the D-pillar to silence the system when it is not wanted
  • A separate back-up sensor attachment is required for installation
The following accessory is required for installation but not included:
Back-Up Sensor Attachment
(Retail price: $255.28)
Standard Qty.:1
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Part #: 08V67-SHJ-1B0K (Ocean Mist Metallic  - exterior)
Part #: 08V67-SHJ-1G0K (Bali Blue Pearl  - exterior)
Part #: 08V67-SHJ-140K (Taffeta White  - exterior)
Part #: 08V67-SHJ-170K (color information unavailable)
Part #: 08V67-SHJ-1J0K (Alabaster Silver Metallic  - exterior)
Part #: 08V67-SHJ-1K0K (color information unavailable)
Part #: 08V67-SHJ-1P0K (Polished Metal Metallic  - exterior)
Part #: 08V67-SHJ-1D0K (Dark Cherry Pearl  - exterior)
Part #: 08V67-SHJ-1F0K (Mocha Metallic  - exterior)
Disclaimer: If any items required for installation are not purchased or already on your vehicle, it may necessitate these items to be purchased separately at the time of installation.