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SHORT ROOF BOX (part number:)
It does everything the Luggage Basket does, but it is enclosed. Help keep your items secure and protected from the elements. It's compatible with all model systems, and even displays the custom "H" logo.
  • 13 cubic feet of lockable enclosed storage space
  • Measures 138cm x 90cm x 46cm (length: 55", width: 35", height: 18")
  • Quick on/off attachment to add or remove the Roof Box
  • Rear opening for easy access
  • Impact- and UV-resistant due to ABS construction
  • Internal tie-down straps to help hold stowed items securely
  • Total load = cargo weight plus Short Roof Box 18.6kg (26 pounds)

Do not carry more than 36kg (79 pounds) in the box. Loads that exceed this limit are not covered by the warranty. Do not exceed the weight limit of your Roof Rack. Requires Roof Rack or Cross Bars. Refer to load capacity of Roof Rack or Cross Bars.
The following accessory is required for installation but not included:
Roof Rack, Cross Bars
(Retail price: $498.00)
Standard Qty.:1
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Part #: 08L20-TA1-100
Disclaimer: If any items required for installation are not purchased or already on your vehicle, it may necessitate these items to be purchased separately at the time of installation.