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axle, rr. beamaxle, rr. beambushing, fr. leaf springbushing, rr. leaf springdamper, leaf springspring assy., rr. leaf (nippon hatsujo)spring assy., rr. leafplate, r. leaf spring retainingplate, l. leaf spring retainingwasher, shock absorber (lower)washer, shock absorber (lower)damper, rr. axle beamu-bolt, leaf spring retainingu-bolt, leaf spring retainingshackle, leaf springplate, thrustplate, thrustshock absorber assy., rr.washer a, shock absorber topwasher a, shock absorber topcushion, shock absorber topwasher b, shock absorber topcushion (lower)cushion, shock absorber (lower)bolt, shacklebolt, leaf spring centerbolt, hex. (10x93)nut, hex. (8mm)nut, hex. (8mm)nut, hex. (8mm)nut, hex. (10mm)nut, hex. (10mm)nut, hex. (10mm)nut, hex. (10mm)nut, hex. (8mm)washer, plain (10mm)washer, spring (8mm)washer, spring (10mm)washer, spring (10mm)washer, spring (10mm)washer, spring (10mm)
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