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1970 n600 ** 2 DOOR 4MT SHEET METAL diagram
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housing, r. fr. wheelbracket, battery staystay, batterysupport, heater blowerbracket, rr. battery stayhousing, l. fr. wheelbulkhead assy., fr. endbulkhead, r. fr. endbulkhead, l. fr. endreinforcement, heater blowerbracket, fuel pumppanel, fr. skirtstiffener, tie membermember, fr. end tiebracket, r. fr. sub-framebracket, l. fr. sub-framegutter, luggage compartment toppanel a, roofpanel b, roofpanel c, roofroof rail, fr.housing, r. rr. wheelhousing, l. rr. wheelgutter, r. luggage compartmentgutter, l. luggage compartmentseal, bulkhead (1m)seal, fr. fender (1m)panel, r. door sill (outer)panel, l. door sill (outer)panel, r. fr. fender (inner)panel, l. fr. fender (inner)panel, r. rr. fender (inner)panel, l. rr. fender (inner)panel, r. fr. fender middlepanel, l. fr. fender middlepanel, r. rr. fender (outer)panel, l. rr. fender (outer)frame, luggage compartment openingpanel, rr. skirtbracket, trunk lid strikernut, plate (5mm)
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