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1970 n600 ** 2 DOOR 4MT CAMSHAFT - ROCKER ARM diagram
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slipper, camshaft drive chainpin, slipper (5x25.4)pin, slipper (5x23.8)spacer, ex. rocker armspacer, ex. rocker armcamshaftchain, camshaft drivechain, camshaft drivemaster link, camshaft chaintensioner assy., chainpin, pivot chain tensionerspring, tensionerpush rod, tensionerseat, tensioner springclip (14mm)push bar assy.shaft, chain guide rollerroller, chain guidebushing, guide rollerbushing, guide rollershaft, ex. rocker armshaft, ex. rocker armshaft, inlet rocker armshaft, inlet rocker armarm, l. rockerarm, l. rockerarm, r. rockerarm, r. rockerbolt, rocker arm lockbolt, rocker arm lockbolt, rocker arm lockbolt, rocker arm lockspring, ex. rocker armspring, ex. rocker armspring, inlet rocker armspring, inlet rocker armpin, knock (3x6.5)o-ring (25x2.0)o-ring (17.3x1.6)o-ring (17.3x1.6)pin, split (2.5x18)
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