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1971 z600 ** 2 DOOR 4MT VACUUM BOOSTER diagram
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piston assy.piston assy.housing assy.housing assy.element assy.piston assy., relayplate, boosterdiaphragm, lifterclip, tube unipowerunipower assy. (w/bracket)valve, checkbracket, unipowerrubber, bracket (upper)tube a, unipower (340mm)tube b, unipower (110mm)seat rubber, unipowerbracket, check valvebolt, hex. (6x16)bolt, hex. (6x16)bolt, hex. (8x20)bolt, hex. (8x20)nut, hex. (8mm)washer, plain (6mm)washer, plain (6mm)washer, plain (8mm)washer, plain (8mm)washer, plain (8mm)washer, spring (6mm)washer, spring (6mm)washer, spring (8mm)washer, spring (8mm)washer, spring (8mm)
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