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1971 z600 ** 2 DOOR 4MT FLOOR MAT - LINING diagram
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lining, r. fr. wheelhousecowl, r. insidelining, l. fr. wheelhousecowl, l. insidelining, roofeye, pan head snap (upper)eye, pan head snap (lower)lining, r. fr. sidefloor mat, fr. centerfloor mat, r. fr.lining, r. rr. wheelhousefloor mat, l. fr.floor mat, rr.insulator, seat riserlining, r. rr. sidelining, r. rr. pillarlining, rr. floorlining, l. fr. sidelining, l. rr. wheelhouselining, l. rr. sidelining, l. rr. pillarclip, side liningclip, side liningclip, side liningclip, side liningclip, liningmat, rr. seat-backrubber, protector (36x80x2mm)floor mat assy., trunkjet, slow airlining, panelscrew, tapping (4x12)screw, phillips head (4x22)screw, tappingscrew, tapping (4x6)screw, tapping (4x6)
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