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1972 n600 ** 2 DOOR 4MT FRONT SEAT - SEAT BELT diagram
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seat assy., driver *nh1l*garnish, headrestcover, leverlever, seat-back releasebolt, arm settingseat assy., fr. passenger *nh1l*seat assy., fr. passenger *nh1l*adjuster, r. fr. seatadjuster, l. fr. seatanchor, seat beltbolt, seat belt settingwasher, seat belt settingheadrest assy. *nh1l*return spring, seat-back lockbolt, seat belt anchoragebolt, hex. (8x14)screw, tapping (3x8)screw, tapping (3x8)nut, hex. (8mm)washer, spring (8mm)nut, hex. (12mm)washer, spring (12mm)pin, lock (10mm)
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