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1973 civic **(1200) 2 DOOR 4MT OIL PUMP diagram
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valve set, oil pressure reliefgasket, oil pump bodygear, oil pump driveholder, oil pump drive gearshaft, oil pump drive gearshaft, oil pumppipe, oil passagescreen, oil pump filterrotor, pump (inner)rotor, pump (outer)body, oil strainerblock, oil passagespring, relief valveseat, relief valve springo-ring (12.5x2.2)o-ring (12.5x2.2)o-ring (17x3.5mm)o-ring (17x3.5)pin, split (3.0x45)bolt, flange (6x28)bolt, flange (6x32)bolt, flange (6x40)bolt, flange (6x70)bolt, flange (6x80)roller (5x17.8)
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