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1973 civic **(1200) 3 DOOR 4MT INTERIOR ACCESSORIES - DOOR MIRROR diagram
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cap, roof sealseal, antenna holewasher, water sealprotector, cigarette lightergrab railhook, coat hangermirror, side *nh50*mirror, side *nh2m*mirror, sidemirror, side *yr31l*mirror, side *pb60*cap, mirror stay screwrubber, mirror mounting *nh50*rubber, mirror mounting *nh2m*rubber, mirror mountingrubber, mirror mounting *yr31l*rubber, mirror mounting *pb60*mirror, rearviewholder, rearview mirrorrubber, basewasher, rubbersunvisor assy., r.sunvisor assy., l.ashtray assy., fr. *nh1*ashtray assy., rr.screw, pan (6x22)screw, pan (4x16)screw, pan (5x12)screw, pan (5x16)screw, pan (5x16)screw, pan (6x20)screw, pan (6x20)screw, tapping (4x10)screw, tapping (5x10)washer, plain (6mm)
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