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1974 civic **(1200) 3 DOOR HMT HMT RADIATOR diagram
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valve, draingasket, drain (denso)gasket, draincap, radiator (denso)tank, reservoircap, reservoir tankhose, reservoir tanktube, reservoir tankmark, reserve tankhose, water (upper)clamp, water hoseclamp, water hoseclamp, water hoseclamp, water hoseshroudfan, coolingbolt, hex. (6x16)screw, pan (4x18)nut, hex. (5mm)washer, plain (5mm)washer, plain (6mm)washer, plain (6mm)washer, plain (6mm)washer, spring (5mm)washer, spring (6mm)washer, spring (6mm)clip, tube (c11)clip, tube (c11)
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