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1974 civic **(1200) 3 DOOR HMT HMT COUNTERSHAFT diagram
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countershaftshaft, reverse idle geargear, countershaftgear, countershaftd-gear, countershaftgear, countershaft reversegear, reverse idlegear, reverse selectorhub, reverse gearholder, speedometer gearcollar, speedometer gearseal, gear holdergear, speedometer drivengear, speedometer driven (hawaii)bolt, special (6mm)nut, lock (20mm)collar (inner) (25x30x17)circlip (outer) (26mm)clip, speedometer cablebearing, ball (6305) (toyo)bearing, needle (26x31x21) (toyo)bearing, needle (14x18x15) (ntn)o-ring (23.5x2)pin, knock (4x5)ring, snap (62mm)ring, snap (62mm)
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