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1975 civic **(1500) 2 DOOR HMT REAR BRAKE DRUM diagram
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collar, rr. hub carrierspacer, rr. hub carrierwasher, rr. hubcap, rr. wheel bearingseal, bearingo-ring, rr. hub carrierdrum, rr. brakecarrier, r. rr. hubcarrier, l. rr. hubbush, rr. radius rodbolt, wheelnut, rr. axlebearing a, rr. wheel (toyo seiko)bearing b, rr. wheel (toyo seiko)oil seal, rr. wheel bearingbolt, hex. (6x12)bolt, hex. (6x12)bolt, hex. (6x12)bolt, hex. (6x12)washer, spring (6mm)pin, split (3.0x45)
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