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1976 accord STD 3 DOOR 5MT CAMSHAFT - TIMING BELT diagram
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camshaftcamshaftbelt, timingbelt, timingspring, timing belt adjusterspring, timing belt adjusterbolt, timing belt adjustingbolt, timing belt adjustingrubber, timing belt adjusterrubber, timing belt adjusterwasher, special (28x8.5x4.0)washer, special (28x8.5x4.0)key (25.4x13)key (25.4x13)oil seal (27x43x9) (nok)oil seal (27x43x9) (nok)oil seal (27x43x9) (nok)oil seal (27x43x9) (nok)bolt, hex. (8x22)bolt, hex. (8x22)
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