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mainshaftmainshaftshaft, reverse idle gearshaft, reverse idle geargear, reverse idlegear, reverse idlesleeve, synchronizer fifthsleeve, synchronizer fifthring, synchronizer blockingring, synchronizer blockingspring, synchronizerspring, synchronizerplate, thrust (25mm)plate, thrust (25mm)collar, distancecollar, distancecollar, distancecollar, distancecotter (17mm)cotter (17mm)washer, thrust (17mm)washer, thrust (17mm)ring, snap (48mm)ring, snap (48mm)ring, snap (47mm)ring, snap (47mm)bearing, ball (47mm) (toyo)bearing, ball (47mm) (toyo)bearing, special needlebearing, special needlebearing, needle (25x30x20) (toyo)bearing, needle (25x30x20) (toyo)bearing, needle (25x30x20) (ntn corp.)bearing, needle (25x30x20) (ntn corp.)
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