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1976 civic **(1200) 3 DOOR 4MT BODY STRUCTURE COMPONENTS (1) diagram
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bracket, engine supportingframe, fr. (upper)frame, r. fr. sidebulkhead, fr.bulkhead, r. fr.bulkhead, l. fr.stiffener, centerskirt, fr. (upper)skirt, fr. (lower)sub-wheelhouse, r. fr.sub-wheelhouse, l. fr.extension, r. fr. pillarextension, l. fr. pillarsplash guard, fr.stiffener, r. wheelhouse (upper)base, battery settinggusset b, batterystiffener, battery basecatch, reservoir tankstiffener, r. fr. bumpermember, r. wheelhouse (upper)bracket, hood support barstiffener, l. wheelhouse (upper)stiffener, l. fr. bumpermember, l. wheelhouse (upper)
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