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1976 civic **(1200) 3 DOOR 4MT MT TRANSMISSION GEARS diagram
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mainshaftcountershaftshaft, reverse idle gearshaft, reverse idle geargear, countershaft lowgear, countershaft secondgear, countershaft thirdgear, countershaft topsleeve set, synchronizer (1-2)gear, reverse idlegear, reverse idlesleeve set, synchronizer (3-4)spring, synchronizerspring, synchronizerspacer (28mm) (+0.07/+0.09) (toyo)spacer (28mm) (+0.07/+0.09) (toyo)spacer (28mm) (+0.07/+0.09) (toyo)spacer (28mm) (+0.04/+0.07) (toyo)spacer (28mm) (+0.04/+0.07) (toyo)spacer (28mm) (+0.04/+0.07) (toyo)washer a, thrust (32mm) (-0.02/-0.05)washer b, thrust (32mm) (-0.05/-0.08)washer c, thrust (32mm) (-0.08/-0.11)plate, thrustwasher, thrust (26mm)bearing, needle (32x37x27) (ntn)bearing, needle (32x37x27) (ntn)bearing, needle (32x37x27) (ntn)bearing, needle (32x37x27) (ntn)
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