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1976 civic **(1500) 3 DOOR 5MT BODY STRUCTURE COMPONENTS (3) diagram
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pillar, r. fr. insidefloor, rr.pillar, l. fr. insidestiffener, r. rr. shock absorberpanel, r. rr. insidesub-panel, r. insidesub-panel, r. side sillpanel, r. rr. insidepanel, r. rr. damperpanel, r. wheel archpanel, r. inside centerpanel, l. rr. inside (upper)sub-panel, l. insidesub-panel, l. side sillpanel, l. rr. insidepanel, l. rr. damperpanel, l. wheel archpanel, l. inside centerwheelhouse, l. rr.
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