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1977 accord STD 3 DOOR 5MT POWER MASTER diagram
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yokeyokeconnectorconnectorgasket, master cylinder bracketgasket, master cylinder bracketpower assy., masterpower assy., mastertube a, master powertube a, master powertube b, master powertube b, master powerstay, master power tubestay, master power tubeclipclipelement aelement aelement belement bbootbootclip, sealclip, sealspring, valvespring, valvespring, poppetspring, poppetrod, pushrod, pushstopper, elementstopper, elementscrew-washerscrew-washerspring, boosterspring, boosterbolt-washerbolt-washerpin, pedalpin, pedalnut, hex. (8mm)nut, hex. (8mm)pin, split (2.0x30)pin, split (2.0x30)
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