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housing, transmissionholder, reverse idle shaftplate, hangerplate, bearing retainingcover, r. transmission sideguide, l-clutch sealingcap, breatherbolt, sealing (8mm)gasket (8mm)pin, dowel (8x55)oil seal (35x56x9) (nok)o-ring (9.6x2.6) (arai)o-ring (64x2)o-ring (56.1x2)bolt, hex. (8x20)bolt, drain plug (14mm)screw, flat (6x14)screw, flat (6x16)washer, drain plug (14mm)pin, dowel (8x14)pin, dowel (14x20)pin, dowel (14x20)bolt, flange (6x18)bolt, flange (6x18)bolt, flange (6x40)bolt, flange (6x45)bolt, flange (8x50)bearing, radial ball (6001)
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