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boot, suspension ballspring, stabilizer (chuo hatsujo)band a, stabilizer holdband b, stabilizer holdband c, stabilizer holdbolt, stabilizer holdbush a, stabilizer holdbush b, stabilizer holdcollar, stabilizer hold busharm, r. fr. (lower)rod, fr. radiusarm, l. fr. (lower)bush, arm (lower)bush, fr. radius rod (hokushin)bush, fr. radius rod (hokushin)washer, fr. radius rodwasher, fr. radius rodcollar, radius rodcirclip (chuo hatsujo)bolt, fr. radius rodnut, self-lock (10mm)nut, castle (12mm)washer, lockbolt, hex. (8x16)washer, spring (8mm)pin, split (3.0x25)pin, split (3.0x45)pin, split (3.0x25)pin, split (3.0x45)pin, split (3.0x25)pin, split (3.0x45)bolt, hex. (10x80)
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