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1978 accord LX 3 DOOR HMT STEERING COLUMN (FR: SJ-2063329) diagram
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spring, columnspring, columnwasher, column springwasher, column springwasher, column springwasher, column springcolumn, steeringcolumn, steeringspring, guidespring, guidebush, steering columnbush, steering columnwasher, steering columnwasher, steering columncover, column (upper) *r16l*cover, column (upper) *r16l*cover, column (lower) *r16l*cover, column (lower) *r16l*panel, column cover (lower) *r16l*panel, column cover (lower) *r16l*key, turn signal cancelkey, turn signal cancelshaft a, steeringshaft a, steeringprotector, steering jointprotector, steering jointplate, power steering column cautionplate, power steering column cautionrivet, plasticrivet, plasticnut, hex. (8mm)circlip (outer) (18mm)band a2, wire
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