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1980 civic **(1300) 3 DOOR 4MT INSTRUMENT PANEL (1) diagram
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nut, floating (5mm)grommet, switch holevisor (outer) *yr40l*visor (outer) *b17l*visor (outer) *r26l*lid, bulb hole *yr40l*lid, bulb hole *b17l*lid, bulb hole *r26l*pocket, meter garnish *nh1l*clip, visorclip, visorcap, instrument panel stayrubber b, meter sealrubber a, meter sealpanel, meter switch *nh1l*lid, rr. defroster switch hole*yr40l*lid, rr. defroster switch hole*b17l*lid, rr. defroster switch hole*r26l*panel, instrument *yr40l*panel, instrument *b17l*panel, instrument *r26l*cap, instrument panel staybracket, meter mountingpad, center *yr40l*pad, center *b17l*pad, center *r26l*bolt, flange (6x20)bolt, flange (6x20)bolt, flange (6x28)bolt, flange (6x28)bolt, flange (6x28)nut, pushscrew, tapping (4x12)screw, tapping (4x12)screw, tapping (4x12)screw, tapping (4x12)
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