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1980 civic ** 5 DOOR 5MT GLOVE BOX COMPONENTS (1) diagram
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placard, specificationbox, glove *r26l*frame, glove boxhinge set, glove box stayhinge set, glove box staystopper, glove boxstopper, glove boxrubber, glove box stopperrubber, glove box stoppercushion, glove boxstriker, glove boxlock, glove boxretainer, glove box lockrubber, glove box lockscrew, glove boxscrew, glove boxnut, clip (4mm)nut, clip (4mm)screw, pan (5x10)screw, pan (5x10)screw-washer (5x12)screw-washer (5x12)screw, pan (5x10)screw, pan (5x10)screw-washer (5x12)screw-washer (5x12)screw, pan (5x10)screw, pan (5x10)screw-washer (5x12)screw-washer (5x12)screw-washer (5x20)screw-washer (5x20)pin, spring (4x22)
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