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panel, r. rr. (inner)panel, l. rr. (inner)pillar, r. fr. (upper) (inner)rail, r. roof siderail, r. rr. roof sidepillar, r. center (inner)panel, r. rr. insidepanel, r. rr. wheel archsub-panel, r. rr. insidebracket, jackwheelhouse, r. rr.pillar, l. fr. (upper) (inner)rail, l. roof siderail, l. rr. roof sidepillar, l. center (inner)panel, l. rr. insidepanel, l. rr. archsub-panel, l. rr. insidewheelhouse, l. rr.panel, r. rr. end (inner)panel, l. rr. end (inner)bolt-washer (6x12)
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