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1981 civic **(1500) 4 DOOR 5MT REAR BRAKE SHOE diagram
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plate, r. rr. brake backingplate, l. rr. brake backingshoe a, rr. brakeshoe b, rr. brakespring a, brakespring b, brake shoe returnspring, r. rodspring, l. rodcylinder assy., r. rr. wheelcylinder assy., l. rr. wheelcover, dustcover, dustpiston, wheel cylinderpiston, wheel cylinderspring, rr. wheel cylindercup, pistoncup, pistonscrew, bleeder (nissin)cap, bleeder screwlever assy., r. rr. brakespring, quadrantspring, quadrantstopper, leverlever assy., l. rr. brakeboot, brake levergrip, brake lever sealspring, shoe clamppin, tensionernut, hex. (6mm)washer, spring (6mm)
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