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1981 prelude ** 2 DOOR 5MT SIDE MARKER LIGHT - LICENSE LIGHT diagram
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light assy., r. fr. side markerlight assy., l. fr. side markerlight assy., r. rr. side markerlens & housing, r. rr. side marker lightgasket, lensgasket, lensgasket b, basegasket b, baselight assy., l. rr. side markergasket a, basegasket a, baselight assy., r. side licenselensgasket, lensgasket, r. basescrew, tapping (5x16)screw, tapping (4x12)light assy., l. side licensegasket, l. basenut, back-up light fittingnut, back-up light fittinglens & housing, r. fr. side marker lightsocket & wirewire, bulb socketlens & housing, l. fr. side marker lightbulb (12v 2cp)bulb (12v 2cp)bulb (12v8w)screw, pan (4x20)screw, pan (4x20)
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