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1981 prelude ** 2 DOOR HMT STEERING COLUMN (2) diagram
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spring, columncolumn, steeringhold, steering columnplate, bendingband, rubberholder b, steering columncollarspring, bending platebandbush, steering columnrubber, column mountinglabel, ignition switchcover, column (upper) *nh1l*cover, column (lower) *nh1l*ring, column covercam, turn signal switch cancel(white) (tec)ring, horn groundjoint assy., steeringcover, steering jointplate, power steering column cautioninsulator, joint holehook, side liningbolt, steering yoke (8x28) (nippon seiko)bolt, steering yoke (8x28) (nippon seiko)bolt-washer (8x32)washer, toothed lockwasher, toothed lockclip b, joint coverscrew, tapping (4x12)nut-washer (8mm)
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